Marvalous 24/7 | a highly graded multivitamin | a new generation of multivitamin | acai axtract, vitamins B1-12, Q10, omega 3
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Next to the Omega 3 ALA from Clary Sage, "Marvalous" offers 5 food supplements – powerful health drinks:
Marvalous 24/7 Multivitamin

Active ingredients:
1. Acai plant extract, which helps prevent inflammation. This plant, which grows in the Amazon jungles, is classified as a super fruit, because it contains very large amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C. The concentration of acai plant extract in Marvalous 24/7 is five times that in fresh fruit (a owder with no water).
2. A mixture of vitamins containing 50% of the recommended daily requirements. Marvalous 24/7 is a broad product that provides a solution for the recommended daily requirement of vitamins. The product includes the entire series of B vitamins from B1 through B12.
3. It contains Coenzyme Q10, which functions in the body as an effective anti-oxidant. There are no official recommendations for the recommended daily requirement of this antioxidant, but the unofficial recommendation is 30 mg daily for a healthy person. The product contains 10 mg of Coenzyme Q10, which helps reach this level of daily consumption.
4. Omega 3 from Clary Sage, an anti-inflammatory agent which works in synergy with oil soluble vitamins.

Important to Know:
Inflammation in the body and many diseases are caused by the formation of free radicals. A free radical is an atom of acid that has lost an electron from its external shell. This radical tries to restore the missing electron, and usually finds it in the fatty acids that build the cell membranes, which are known to be semi-permeable. When electrons are removed from the fatty acids in the cell membranes, selective permeability is affected, and undesirable molecules can penetrate the cells, which detracts from their functioning. Various inflammations and diseases are likely to occur in such situations. The role of an antioxidant such as coenzyme Q10 is to supply the free radical with its missing electron, thereby neutralizing harmful effect.

Recommended dosage: one-two doses daily after meals.

Flavor: pink grapefruite
Food coloring: natural beta-carotene and powdered beets


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