Marvalous Fiber Must - all the body’s fiber needs | a fiber mixture to maintain a healthy digestive system
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Next to the Omega 3 ALA from Clary Sage, "Marvalous" offers 5 food supplements – powerful health drinks:
Marvalous - Fiber Must

Marvalous Fiber Must contains a mixture of fibers that provides all the body’s fiber needs: a feeling of satiety, a pre-biotic (a culture for the growth of pre-biotic bacteria), elimination of poisons from the body, and carrying nutritious materials to the body.

Active ingredients:
1. Oatmeal-fibers that dissolve in the body. The United States Department of Health and Human Services recently gave permission to write (on products containing oatmeal fibers) that the fibers help lower the level of fats in the blood, and are a proven means of lowering cholesterol.
2. Acacia-fibers of the acacia plant, which do not dissolve in the body. The body is unable to digest acacia fibers, but needs them for pre-biotic activity (for a culture).
3. Chicory-Beneo fibers from this plant that dissolve in the body. This is actually one fiber that has been broken into two: Inulin and Oligofructose. These fibers are pre-biotic, and function as a selective culture, meaning that the fiber serves as a fertile field for growing “good” bacteria and increases the absorption of calcium in the body by 35%.

This product is excellent for women. It contains 100 mg of calcium lactate, as well as citric acid, which has the ability to interact with calcium. This creates calcium citrate, whose biological availability is very high, meaning that it is absorbed very well.

Important to Know:
A fiber is a type of complex carbohydrate. Fibers are a very important element in the human body. Fibers are actually a matrix of very complex molecules that the body is unable to digest, but whose activity is very important for the interaction level of different nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Because of their enormous volume, fibers increase the volume of the bowels and stool. Fibers are able to tie “bad materials” in the intestines, and in effect serve as a porter for these materials, taking responsibility for their removal from the body.

Bacteria account for a large proportion of the intestine’s activity; some of the elements of stool are actually microorganisms. Pre-biotic bacteria are also part of the stool, and require a culture to grow in. Fibers are actually a source for the growth of pre-biotic bacteria, and increase the volume of the stool, and intestine. Increasing the volume of the stool, and intestine induces a feeling of satiety.

Recommended dosage: One dose one hour before lunch, and one dose an hour before supper. . Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is suggested The product is not recommended for those suffering from Celiacs Disease, because it contains oatmeal

Flavor: orange
Food coloring: natural beta-carotene


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